There won’t be many people who don’t at some point in time think about their mortality. However they don’t necessarily plan for their demise. Recent studies have revealed that about two-thirds of adults don’t have a will meaning that a third of these adults will die intestate.


Making sure that your affairs are all in order is extremely important because it shows your loved ones that you had planned for this eventuality. No-one really wants to consider their death, we all want to live life to the full for as long as we can, but taking care of those end-of-life decisions will mean that your estate goes to the people you want it to and doesn’t cause untold distress for the ones that are left behind who have to manage the process.


If you die without leaving a Will some of your closest family members could be left with no right to inherit anything and the resulting trauma of having to apply to the court for financial provision from the estate can be quite traumatic and devastating.


At Battrick Clark we work with clients to make sure their end-of-life wishes are documented to ensure things run smoothly when the inevitable time comes – we’re all aware of how distressing these times can be, so anything to make things easier is our objective.


Our dedicated Wills Department discuss the details of your estate and the provisions that you want to make for its distribution following your death. Dealt with sensitively and with compassion, our Solicitors will advise you on any legal questions or concerns you may have and ensure your wishes are fulfilled.


The emotional distress that families suffer as a result of a losing a loved one can be huge, so dying intestate makes it even more difficult for them, so contact Battrick Clark’s Wills Department and they will be able to advise you on your options and then you really can live life to the full knowing that your affairs are all in order.

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