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Battrick Clark Solicitors of Bristol are experienced divorce lawyers who can provide expert legal advice on all matters relating to divorce or legal separation.

In our experience, the two main challenges facing people who are embarking on a divorce or separation are emotional stress and financial concerns.

We can help you every step of the way during the divorce process by offering help and advice throughout.

Why choose Battrick Clark divorce law services?

Battrick Clark solicitors of Bristol are experts in divorce law and offer a high level of both professionalism and personal client service. We understand that separation can be difficult, and we aim to ensure that we do everything we can to make the process as straightforward as possible. We do this by:

  • Explaining and guiding you through each stage of the process
  • Offering a broad range of services to help you and your ex-partner resolve financial issues
  • Facilitating round-table meetings between separating spouses and their lawyers to try to achieve the best possible outcome

We endeavour to do all we can to reduce the stress of the divorce process by relieving you of the burden of worrying about the legal issues and resolving any uncertainties with our well-informed professional legal advice. Let us take care of the legal side for you, so you can focus on moving forward with your life.

Don’t forget that Battrick Clark Solicitors are experienced Divorce solicitors, who can provide expert legal advice on all aspects of divorce and legal separation.

Grounds for Divorce

The Divorce Law for England and Wales changed with effect from the 6th of April, 2022.

Parties no longer have to prove that a marriage has irretrievably broken down by providing a given reason. Indeed, there is no longer an option in the application form to claim unreasonable behaviour, adultery, separation or desertion. This has removed the apportioning of blame from the divorce process entirely. This change was legislated with the aim that the divorce process is simpler and non-adversarial and will reduce potential litigation.

For full details of this change, please see the section Grounds for Divorce within our resource Procedures for Divorce in England and Wales.

Financial Resolution of Divorce

We offer a broad range of services to help you and your ex-partner resolve financial issues. Whatever your financial circumstances, we help you to arrive at the best possible outcome. We recommend full financial disclosure of both joint and solely held assets, and help you to negotiate a satisfactory settlement. We facilitate round-table meetings between spouses and their lawyers so as to avoid costly litigation through the courts. If all else fails, we will support and represent you through the court process. In our experience, most disputes settle long before a final hearing arrives, giving you and your ex-partner control over what is to happen to the family assets.

If you are worried that your ex-partner is disposing of assets, then we can protect those assets by obtaining freezing orders or restricting the dealings in property. Whatever the dilemma, we can offer a comprehensive legal remedy.

Arrangements for children during the divorce process

We understand that the making of arrangements for any children following divorce or the dissolution of a civil partnership needs to be handled sensitively. These arrangements should always be made with the child’s or children’s best interest at heart, and we all hope that they can be agreed between the separating partners without the need for legal services or the courts. In some cases, however, agreement on these arrangements is not possible.

In these cases, we will work with parents to come to agreements on matters such as where and with whom the child or children will live, how and when the non-resident parent will see the child or children, and what child maintenance payments are due. We will also cover other specific issues such as the child’s continuing education, as occasionally a change of school is required as a result of a change of address following parents’ separation.

How does the divorce process work?

One of the first questions we are asked is usually about time-frame: how long does a divorce take? This of course depends on individual circumstances (for example, whether children are involved, or whether a party tries to contest the divorce). A straightforward case can be completed within 6-8 months. While we support the timely completion of proceedings, Battrick Clark always makes it a priority to strive for a lasting and sustainable solution.

You can read more about the divorce process in our in-depth document, ‘Procedures for Divorce in England and Wales’. The document will give you a full overview of what you can expect during each stage of the divorce process.

If you would like to find out more about how Battrick Clark can help you with divorce and separation proceedings, please Contact us today.

Don’t forget that Battrick Clark Solicitors are experienced Divorce solicitors, who can provide expert legal advice on all aspects of divorce and legal separation.

Divorce Fees explained

The cost of privately funded divorce cases will depend on their complexity. Battrick Clark’s expert family law solicitors will provide you with a rough guide to the overall cost at the outset. And we can offer significantly discounted hourly rates if you are on a low income and have few or no savings.

The situation concerning access to Legal Aid has changed since April 2013. The majority of people who would previously have qualified for support are now no longer eligible. You will now generally qualify for legal aid in divorce proceedings only if:

  • you can produce a letter from your GP or medical consultant to show that you are experiencing psychological or emotional harm and / or domestic abuse
  • your ex-partner has been convicted of an assault against you or there is a civil injunction in your favour within the last 60 months, or your ex-partner has recently been charged with such an offence
  • you can show that there is a risk to a child’s safety and well-being.

Alongside these special circumstantial requirements, all Legal Aid applicants will still have to be financially eligible for the scheme.

We also offer the option of a fixed-fee divorce service subject to certain conditions (see below). Where your case falls within the scope of the criteria for eligibility, this option can offer you peace of mind throughout the process as you will know the exact cost to be charged for services rendered. The fixed fee option covers a number of services that generally relate to a fairly straightforward divorce process.

In cases with many changing variables or where there are issues of contention that are still unresolved, such as agreements relating to children and finances, extra work to cover these items is not included within the fixed fee and would be charged separately. In this instance, we would always work transparently with you and let you know of the additional cost that may arise prior to the work being completed.

You can read more about Divorce fees and what is and isn’t included within the Fixed Fee option here.

What happens to my will if I get married or divorced or remarry?

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Family Law Testimonials

Used Battrick Clark for both my partner’s divorce and conveyancing when we recently moved – were great on both occasions.

Suzy Perry

Can’t thank you enough for your empathy and dedicated work! The SGO [Special Guardianship Order] was approved with a very secure care plan for my grandson. My grandson’s future is a safe, brighter place thanks to you all!


Expert Divorce Lawyers in Bristol

As a small team of divorce law experts based in the heart of Bristol, our Family Law department aims to offer not only our thorough legal expertise but also a client-first approach. We work through every detail of the case with you, offering guidance and support at every turn.

We also make it our priority to listen, and try not to overwhelm you with information. Emotions can run high during divorce and legal separation proceedings, so we recognise that it is very important that the lines of communication between us and you, as our client, are always open, and we wish to reassure you that you can trust us to handle your case with due diligence and discretion.

Get in touch with Battrick Clark divorce lawyers of Bristol today to find out how we can help.

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