The Law on Divorce with Rashmita Vadher

Rashmita Vadher is the Head of Private Family Law at Battrick Clark. She manages Divorce and Financial Remedy cases, as well as Protection of Wealth, and advises in disputes involving children.

In this episode, trainee Family Solicitor Eva Morris interviews Rashmita about the law on divorce and financial settlements in England and Wales.

The discussion includes a summary of the recent changes in divorce law in England of Wales, with the no-fault divorce having become the default position.

They discuss in considerable detail what the law says about the division of financial assets in divorce and how the needs of children affect courts’ decisions and are placed before all other considerations.

Eva also asks Rashmita what she would initially advise someone who is considering a divorce, how those still living under the same roof as their former partner while going through a divorce can best cope, and how it feels to be a solicitor helping clients through divorce.