8 Reasons to make your Lasting Power of Attorney

In this article, we shortlist and explain eight good reasons to make a Lasting Power of Attorney.

1. You decide

Preparing your LPA ensures you decide who acts as your attorney, when and how.

2. Peace of mind

Having an LPA ensures you have an attorney appointed to help you should you lose capacity or ability to carry out some day-to-day tasks.

3. Your Loved ones

Your loved ones will want to help you and an LPA can take away some stress for them in being able to do so.

4. No court orders

Having an LPA in place means that if you lose capacity your family will not have to go to court for a deputyship order for you.

5. Safeguarding

Allows organisations such as banks, building societies and pension providers to liaise with your attorneys.

6. Protection

Protect your assets by ensuring you choose the correct attorneys to manage your affairs.

7. Benefits

Your attorneys can apply for benefits for you or manage your existing benefits.

8. Your Wellbeing

Your attorneys will have the means to ensure that you continue to see your family members and receive the care you require.


Prepare and register your LPA now so if anything happens the documents will be readily available for use.

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