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Battrick Clark is experienced in the drafting of Wills and related agreements, as well as the administration of deceased estates.

We offer:

  • Competitive rates
  • A helpful, knowledgable, personal service
  • Home visits if required
  • An advanced estimate of the fee for making a Will

Drawing up a Will

Making a Will enables you to choose who will inherit your estate. Not doing so may mean that your assets and belongings are distributed in ways that you would not want.

To instruct us to draw up a Will you need to either contact us for an initial consultation or download the questionnaire attached to this site for completion and forwarding to us. Initially you should consider who you wish to benefit from your estate including any specific gifts you wish to make. You also need to consider whom you want to deal with your affairs in the event of your death.

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Power of Attorney

You will need a Power of Attorney if you wish to grant another person legal authority to act on your behalf now, or once you can no longer manage your own affairs.

To arrange such a Power you will need to contact one of our Solicitors to arrange for the document to be prepared and signed. The person who is giving the Power of Attorney will need to be mentally capable of understanding its terms and effects at the time of granting the power.

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Acting as Executor

Should you be appointed by the Will of a deceased person to deal with the distribution of their estate you will find yourself ‘acting as an Executor’. If no will has been made, you may wish to apply for a grant appointing you as administrator of the estate. There are rules laid down by the Court, which you will have to follow in administering the estate.

Alternatively you could instruct a solicitor to act on your behalf. To arrange this you will need to make arrangements to discuss the matter with the solicitor and provide certain information.

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