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Local Authorities have a duty to safeguard vulnerable children and when Social Services are concerned about a family they may become involved and may call a Child Protection Conference or a Pre-Proceedings meeting. They may issue court proceedings for a Care Order (Care Proceedings) or in some urgent cases for an Emergency Protection Order.

These situations can be very upsetting, traumatic and difficult to resolve especially if you face the possibility or the reality of your children being removed from your care.

You need to contact us immediately if this situation arises. We will work with you with care and sensitivity to liaise with Social Services and provide you with strong and experienced representation and to make sure that you are treated fairly and that your voice is heard.

We have an experienced and specialised team which includes members of The Law Society’s Children Panel who, as well as regularly representing parents, are qualified and often appointed to represent children in these difficult cases.

If you are a parent in this type of case you will automatically be entitled to free Legal Representation. Your Legal Aid will be quickly arranged as soon as you instruct us. We also frequently represent other family members, particularly grandparents, who are often involved and affected by these situations. In these cases entitlement to Legal Aid will depend on individual circumstances.


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